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Philipp Selva

Philipp Selva is the total living luxury concept proposed by Selva with a line of elegant and refined furniture with a cosmopolitan feel. It is not a collection but a lifestyle concept, which is the protagonist of the most exclusive spaces; a concept that expresses through its products the sophisticated and perfectly balanced taste of deeply rooted craftsmanship, backed by almost 50 years of experience, always in step with a continuously evolving market. Continuous research is one of the strong points of Philipp Selva, which distinguishes itself thanks to a unique concept that lends a discreet total living luxury mood to all spaces.

Philipp Selva’s new philosophy was born from the need to communicate the soundness of a company that has been furnishing private and contract spaces since 1968, not only in Italy but also at international level, exporting its furniture to over 50 countries.

Over the years Selva has evolved and maintained its uniqueness, reflecting however the values and lifestyles of contemporary times by adapting its product range to customer needs. This product line reveals a carefully studied philosophy, developed with balanced tones and contrasts, as a result of Selva’s collaboration with the designers Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli.

Aesthetic solutions in a single line of products that brings together traditional craftsmanship and the concept of refined and modern luxury. Selva has set itself this new challenge by creating a new line inspired by elegance and wellbeing. The wide range of products offers new possibilities to those seeking exceptional atmospheres.

The new mood of the Philipp Selva line reveals its distinguishing uniqueness, discreetly interpreting and celebrating a chic living style; a new mood to inspire, entice and surprise those seeking customised furniture that is entirely made in Italy.

For more information about Philipp Selva, visit their official site.

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